The Pet Project
It is the mission of the Pet Project to help people living with HIV/AIDS or other disabling conditions to keep their pets by providing pet care and ongoing support.
2200 NW 9th Avenue (Powerline Rd), Fort Lauderdale, FL 333111
954.568.5678 (Office)
954.561.1987 (Fax)

954.561.4940 (Thrift Store)

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The power of ordinary people to do extraordinary things at The Pet Project makes a remarkable difference in the lives of people living with HIV and the companion animals who share their lives.

The Pet Project was started by volunteers in 2002, and still relies on their support in every aspect of our work. Today, The Pet Project's volunteers contribute incalculable amounts of time, humor, spirit, and determination.

Are you interested in learning more about The Pet Project and becoming part of a great team?


Volunteer Opportunities Available with both
Pet Project for Pets and Hidden Treasures Thrift Store

We need volunteers!
Share your talents,meet new people, be part of a team helping to keep pets happy, healthy,fed and in their homes!
No experience needed some retail,people,or computer skills could be helpful but not required.


If you would like to volunteer for the Pet Project and help with special events, please fill out the below form with all required information.

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Food Delivery Team:
(One Saturday of every Month, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.)


Food Delivery Driver

Substitute Driver

Loading Assistance on Delivery Saturday (8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.)


Transportation Team:


Pick up food/litter that has been donated to Pet Project.

Transport animals to/from the clients home to the veterinary clinics.


Foster Care:


Foster Care for Dogs

Foster Care for Cats




Help in placing Pets in need for Adoption

Other Areas:
Fund Raising Events
General Office Support - answer telephones, mailings, etc.
Any computer software/hardware experience?
Any Veterinary experience?

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  Pet Project Volunteers Code of Conduct  

Responsibility: Volunteers are to relate with our clients and their companion animals in a kind manner, with common sense and concern for both the client’s well being and the animal's safety and their own safety. Appropriate and humane methods of handling and restraint must be used at all times.

Representation: Volunteers should represent The Pet Project in a helpful, friendly and professional manner at all times. Our existence and effectiveness is dependent upon the goodwill of the community. The impression people form of the organization may be based on their contact with volunteers. For this reason, it is important for volunteers to represent The Pet Project in a positive manner and promote the beliefs and services of the organization.

Media Contact: The image that The Pet Project holds in our community is strongly affected by our portrayal in the media. For that reason it is extremely important that the media receives accurate and appropriate information regarding THE PET PROJECT. At no time should a volunteer contact or address the media without prior approval from the Executive Director. Any volunteer who does not receive prior approval may be asked to resign.

Knowledge: When in doubt about a client or companion animal’s status or behavior, always consult a staff member before interacting with that client or their companion animal. At the Volunteer orientation, you will learn about The Pet Project’s history, services, beliefs, and organization, however, if you are unable to answer a client’s question or an inquiry from the public, please refer the clients to their case manager and the public to the Executive Director. Volunteers should never risk giving incorrect information.

Accidents and Injuries: Any accidents or injuries occurring on the job must be reported to the Volunteer Coordinator within 24 hours and an Accident Report must be completed. Animal bites must be reported to staff immediately and the animal identified. State law requires the shelter to place the animal in confinement for 10 days for rabies observation. After staff has been notified, the Shelter Manager must be notified and the volunteer will be taken to the Emergency Room for proper treatment of the bite.

Attire: Volunteers must wear appropriate attire at all times. When working with animals it is best to wear closed, rubber soled shoes and long pants. Clothes should be clean and neat and presentable to the public.

Smoking:. Smoking in the building or when dealing with the public anywhere on the premises is strictly prohibited. Smoking is only permitted outside, away from the main entranceways.

Telephone Calls: Please keep personal calls to a minimum. Unless The Pet Project is given written permission, we will never release a volunteer’s telephone number or address to anyone outside of the organization.

Friends of Volunteers: Volunteers may not bring friends to assist them with their jobs unless they have received prior permission from the Volunteer Coordinator. Even with permission, a friend may only assist one time. After that the individual should attend the orientation and become an active volunteer if he/she is interested in supporting The Pet Project.


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