Our Mission


Pet Project is a charitable organization whose goal is to promote, preserve and enable persons with life threatening or disabling conditions to keep the bond with their beloved pets by offering essential and practical support to pet owners. Persons with serious illnesses and disabilities have a better quality of life with the love and friendship of their pets who offer companionship, love and a reason to get up each day.


Our Objectives


Empower our clients

Assisting with pet care and maintenance, The Pet Project empowers people living witha disabeling or terminal disease to care for and keep their companion animals.

Total Pet Care Service

By providing the following services we† do what needs to be done to keep the human/animal bond intact:

  • A Pet Food Bank, and home delivery of pet food for clients with limited mobility.
  • Discounted and/or low cost basic veterinary services.
  • Pet transportation to the vet for clients with limited mobility or no means of transportation.
  • Outreach to inform the public, service organizations, and potential clients of our services.
  • Access to health education and information on zoonoses (diseases transmitted from animals to humans).
  • Temporary foster care to companion animals of clients who need to go into the hospital.
  • Adoption for companion animals of clients who we have ascertained have no resources of their own.
  • Volunteers to exercise pets for clients whose health prevents their caring for their animals in this way
  • Cage, tank and litter box cleaning and other hygienic assistance for clients whose health requires it.


To educate our clients and the public regarding the benefits of the human/animal bond for people living with disabeling or terminal diseases. To provide healthy pet guidelines to inform our clients and the public about how a little preventive care maintains an animalís health, and a healthy animal is less likely to pick up diseases and transmit them to others.

Organizational Goals

  1. To provide a total pet care service
  2. Promote positive, accurate messages about the human/animal bond for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  3. Empower people living with a disabeling or terminal disease .
  4. Provide information to people living with disabeling or terminal disease and the community, to support and protect the human/animal bond.
  5. Support underserved and isolated people living with disabeling or terminal disease and their companion animals.
  6. Create a model pet care program to ensure that the human/animal bond for our clients and their companion animal remains unbroken.
  7. To build and maintain relationships with other community based organizations providing services to people living withdisabeling or terminal disease to reach clients at the grassroots level.

Our Clients


Clients of The Pet Project are people living with disabeling or terminal disease. Clients are receiving subsidized services.


Our Volunteers

Volunteers of The Pet Project are committed, caring, and dedicated to doing something in the face of the life threatening disease challenge.