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It is the mission of the Pet Project to help people living with HIV/AIDS or other disabling conditions to keep their pets by providing pet care and ongoing support.
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Who Are Pet Project Clients?

We currently have multiple service, the foodbank for which we do charge a fee and vaccinations, heart worm medication and flea medication which are free. The amount a client pays is based on an objective numerical analysis of a client’s income and expenses. A prospective client’s low income status is confirmed by having a client fill out an extensive financial profile demonstrating their level of income and expenses. At intake, a client verifies their income by showing an intake staff person their SSD/SSI check stub, or bank statement with the SSD/SSI deposit on it; a paycheck stub; an affidavit that they are unemployed and have no other source of income, etc.

Clients living at or below poverty level, according to the Federal Poverty Guidelines, automatically receive a 90% subsidy (the highest subsidy we offer).

While many people living with a terminal disease are to one degree or another in financial need, within the constraints of our budget, the level to which a client will be subsidized is based on their need relative to others. A client’s subsidy is determined by analyzing their financial profile and allowing or disallowing certain expenses. Reasonable costs are allowed for housing, transportation, food, personal hygiene, etc. (For example if a single person is paying rent or a mortgage of $1,200, we have a maximum allowance based on the areas cost of living, of $700, therefore $500 of that expense would be disallowed, however is a family of 5 lived in the same apartment or house, the entire sum would be allowed). A client receives services in one of three (3) ways: (a) at cost to us (a significant savings), (b) a 90% subsidy, or (c) on a sliding fee scale somewhere between (a) and (b). In our notification package a client is be advised as to their subsidy for the food bank and veterinary services.

The cost to the client is then determined by the food choices, he or she makes, multiplied by the food subsidy factor. Before a client comes on line, they sign and return a copy of the explanation of their subsidy and cost and pick-up schedule.

From time to time we serve clients whose income on paper appears relatively high, but whose medical expenses consume a vast majority of their income. With this type of client profile, we of course require verification of extraordinary medical expense in the form of current and prior medical bills.

The Pet Project limits its services to low income people living with living with a severely disabling or terminal disease. The Pet Project provides equal opportunity for access to services for all low income people living with chronic and debilitating or life threatening illnesses, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, age, or sex.

Guidelines, Rules and regulations

"I've been HIV positive for eight years. My health and my spirits have improved 300 percent since I got my puppy, April. She is such a friendly dog, she greets everyone on the street, even the cops." - Adam

"Finally there is something that needs ME , instead of the other way around." - Juan

Services available to clients:

Pet worth
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