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Respectfully submitted by Sonia Hedrick

On a pleasant April evening, Craig Cohen, a bright, healthy and happy 47 year old man, was forever changed.  Walking home from a diner a mere three blocks from his condo, Craig was accosted by seven young men. Before he knew what hit him, Craig was sprawled out on the ground fighting to shield his face from the blows mercilessly and maliciously inflicted by a band of teenagers out looking for a “little fun!” The men, complete strangers to Craig, took turns stomping on Craig’s head shattering his skull with each crushing blow.

Craig Cohen never regain consciousness and passed on in October 2009. After the fifth brain surgery, doctors told us that they have done all they could. Blood clots have formed, infection has set in and organ failure had begun.  The miserable demons that destroyed Craig Cohen’ life got a “big bang for their buck.” Each punch, each stomp, each slam, each hit, each kick not only made contact with Craig’s body but with each and everyone of us who love him-his family, his friends, his colleagues and his pets.   These criminals deprived the world of a decent and caring man.

Craig loved animals.  He was a dedicated animal advocate who supported various animal charities by volunteering and contributing financially what he could. At the time of the attack, he shared his life with a little dog named Eddie and 5 indoor cats.  When it became clear that Craig would never come home to his deeply loved animal family, Eddie was adopted by a friend and neighbor.  The cats were a little harder to place. 

Most of Craig’s friends, animal lovers themselves, were already at their pet limit.  What would become of the 5 plump, 14 year old cats that Craig nurtured since their infancy? Through no fault of Craig’s, each of these beloved animals stood to become just another elderly cat in a shelter.   This thought was unacceptable to Craig’s friends and an email campaign looking for homes for these victims of this terrible crime was launched.  As a result, we are please to report that each cat was safely placed in the loving care of some wonderful people. 

Because of this horrific tragedy, Craig Cohen’s friends recognized that while many services are available to the human victims of violent crime, there are few resources that address the needs of the pets left in limbo as a direct result of crimes committed against their owners.   The Craig Cohen Animal Advocacy Project (CCAAP) was conceived by Craig’s friends and coworkers to address this concern. Adopted by the Pet Project for Pets, CCAAP is now a formal program within the Pet Project for Pets spectrum of services.  As such, donations to CCAAP are tax deductible. 

Our goal is help victims of violent crime retain their companion animals while they recover from assault or when necessary, to assist with appropriate re-homimg of their pet(s). CCAAP remains a volunteer-powered effort.  Your help would be a tremendous gift to these people and pets in need.  Please consider joining our volunteer team.  We need help on the CCAAP planning/events committee and on our developing client services team. 

For more information, please call 954-568-5678  
On behalf of the animals and people served by the  Pet Project for Pets and CCAAP, thank you for your kind contribution of time, talent and financial assistance!  We can’t do  it without you!




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